So that no one ignores

In the world, there is a big gap between countries called developed countries and the ones called developing countries, on the economic level as well as the social level. The figures intentionally mentioned below, pregnant with meaning, highlight the disparities:

For the access to drinkable water: 11% of the world population i.e. 768 million people did not have access to drinkable water in 2011. In the meantime, this situation affected 32% of the population in sub-Saharan Africa.

For the access to education: more than 72 million children in the age of attending primary school suffer from the lack of schooling, in  sub-Saharan Africa only, there are roughly 32 million children out of school.

For the access to health and medical care: In France there are 3.33 doctors for 1000 inhabitants in 2013 whereas in Senegal, in 2008 there were 0.06 doctors for 1000 inhabitants.

For the access to food: More than 860 million people starve to death in poor countries, whereas 300 million people suffer from overweight in rich countries.

There is no need to be an expert to be able to establish a correlation between hunger, thirst, illness and lack of education: as goes the saying “There is no reasoning with a starving man” that epitomizes an old but sad and ongoing reality.

Knowing the prevailing situation which is a matter of great concern to us, we, the members of this organization- SYAPE, aware of the sense of solidarity, have decided to join our forces in order to help and assist those in dire necessity, wherever they can be.  Our action takes inspiration from the humane values of Islam that urge on and remind unceasingly the importance of sharing; of solidarity; brotherhood and mutual assistance.